Obstetrics Specialist

Christopher Petr, M.D.

Obstetrician & Gynecologist located in Burleson, TX

As an obstetrician, Christopher Petr, M.D, specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, and other aspects of reproduction. At his office located in Burleson, Texas, he offers compassionate care prior to pregnancy, while you’re carrying a child, the postnatal period, and beyond. Call his office or schedule an appointment online to develop a trusting relationship with a doctor who provides the utmost in obstetric care.

Obstetrics Q & A

What is an obstetrician?

An OB/GYN focuses on the health and wellness of your reproductive organs, especially during pregnancy. Dr. Petr supports you with compassion and experience as he delivers pre-pregnancy counseling, prenatal care, and post-delivery health support. He offers ultrasounds (in-office), health screenings, and monitoring to ensure you and your baby’s health. 

What care is provided by an obstetrics specialist?

Dr. Petr has special training in offering support to women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. He offers:

  • Monitoring of your health during your pregnancy
  • Guidance about diet, medications, and exercise
  • Screenings for health issues that affect pregnancy and delivery
  • Support for morning sickness, heartburn, or other pregnancy complaints
  • Answers to questions about pregnancy

Dr. Petr also helps you understand the entire pregnancy process as well as labor and delivery. He gives comprehensive support during this uncertain, exciting time.

He gathers a complete understanding of your personal health history to understand how it could impact your pregnancy and delivery.

How does an obstetrician deal with high-risk pregnancies?

Dr. Petr offers extra support if you or your baby have health problems during pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy means you have a greater risk of complications and includes women who:

  • Are carrying multiple fetuses
  • Have a preexisting condition, such as lupus or diabetes
  • Developed gestational diabetes
  • Are 35 years old or older
  • Exhibit elevated blood pressure levels

A high-risk pregnancy requires more frequent monitoring, additional tests, and sometimes intervention to maintain the health of mother and baby. If you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, feel free to call his office or make an appointment if you have any questions or concerns.


What obstetrics care is provided in the post-partum period?

After you’ve given birth, Dr. Petr monitors your healing process. If you had a vaginal birth, he ensures you’re healing well. He monitors your incision and removes stitches if you had a C-section. 

In addition to evaluating your postpartum physical health, Dr. Petr checks on your mental health, too. The time following birth can be overwhelming, and he can give you the support and get you additional help if necessary.

For the very best in obstetrics care, seek out the services of Christopher Petr, M.D, or schedule an appointment using the online tool.